Summer 365 Days a Year… a taste of royalty

Welcome to Royal Gardens – an imperial Leisure Park & Venue Hire

Auspiciously sited in the preferred eco-tourism destination in Southern Africa, Limpopo Province, our new facility provides patrons with a unique recreational experience. The Royal Gardens Leisure Park boasts pristine waters and an excellent fishing experience. Patrons are able to enjoy the park as a prestigious outdoor wedding venue, host music festivals, corporate functions, private celebrations, and enjoy boat cruises in the warm weather extant all year round. A grass picnic area and various overlooks provide patrons with breath-taking views of the water and surrounding areas.

Let your mind unwind as you gaze at the stars on a clear summer night, getting into the car and taking in the local sights or picnicking in serenity - whatever your idea of relaxation, we have it here at Royal Gardens Leisure Park.

Limpopo is the land of myths, legends, beautiful scenery and landscape, as well as majestic Baobab trees. It shares borders with the neighbouring SADC (Southern Africa Development Community) countries of Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe – a proximity which makes it the perfect springboard for exploring the riches of this exciting part of the African continent.

Visit the Royal Gardens – the star choice for hosting an unforgettable event - for a lifetime experience and more!